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strobe light


siren with strobe light

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Product Description

1.0 Parameter


Working voltage:24VDC
Working current:<40mA
Sound pressure:90dB+/-5dB (at 24VDC,30CM)
Suitable temperature:-10~+55℃(14~131F)
Applicable humidity:0~95℃(Relative temperature)
color:Red (other colors can be customized)
Overall dimensions:124mm*75mm*60mm 
(Without light: 124mm*75mm*46mm)


2.0 Drawing (±0.5mm)


3.0 The installation
Note: All wiring must comply with applicable local codes, ordinances and regulations.
Products for installing interior walls or ceilings
1.Drill two screw holes 60mm-80mm apart in the wall
2.Connect the field wiring to the terminal
3.Connect the product with two mounting screws
4.The product is secured by tightening the two mounting screws at the front of the product housing





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