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Outdoor siren with strobe 5C-121

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121 橙色
5C-121 new
121 橙色
5C-121 new

Outdoor siren with strobe 5C-121


Installation and User Manual

Outdoor Siren


The outdoor siren is a new generation of professional high power acoustic siren with battery

back-up and flashlight, which includes all performance and reliability for security alarm system


♦Outdoor battery back-up siren with flashlight.

♦Double housing: external 3mm plastic ABS with UV9 internal 0.8mm metal.

♦Continuous frequency modulated sound.

♦Tamper protection in 3 ways — screw or cover opening or tearing housing from the wall.

♦Positive and negative alarm trigger input.

♦Trigger input to active only the flashlight.

♦Siren period can set as follow trigger or 3 min cutoff

♦Select from the lamp or xenon

♦Alarm by main power failure

♦Protecting against totally battery discharge

♦Plug terminal for easy installation.

♦Environmental immunity

Functional Description Alarm Trigger

Applying high or low voltage to the “GO+” or “GO-” inputs terminals respectively can trigger

the alarm. The sound and flashlight triggered together. Alarm siren duration depended on the

trigger selector state.

♦F.T - Follow Trigger.

♦TMR-siren cutoff after 3 minutes, this state is recommended in order to avoid violation

of any local regulations.

Flash Trigger:

Applying “low” level to “FL-”terminal can trigger the flashlight. Flashlight duration is not

limited and the time of flashlight is set by control panel-as long as trigger available the

flashlight will be active.


The tamper is normally closed while the housing is closed with the screw, so in this

state the tamper terminals are shorted (0 ohm).The tamper will open while opening

the screw the tamper socket to the wall properly.

Power Failure:

On power failure the siren and flashlight are triggering, until power supply is restored

or time out (5 minutes) expires.

Battery Protection:

The siren is supplied with protection against totally battery discharge by cutting off the

siren, when voltage level falls down to less then 8VDC.

Installation instructions

1. Choose the mounting location for the siren-the wall must be even and free of hole and

excessive protrusions.

Note: Take a consideration about the wires inputs in the housing base.

2. Mark and drill 5 holes with help of attach drill pattern plate (4 holes for the housing based

and 1 for the tamper).

Important: Cut off the power before you make the connection

3. Open the siren housing (1 screw on the front), fig1 and remove the metal cover (2 screws),


4. Unplug the terminal 5 on the siren driver Mount the siren housing on the wall Connect the

wires to the terminal 5

5. Plug the terminal to your drive board.

6. Power on the system and check its function properly

Important: keep attention the polarity of the battery; a reverse polarity can cause damage of

the driver circuit.

7.Connect the back-up battery

8. Mount the metal cover with 2 screws

9. Close the housing with 1 screw.

Terminal Block Connection

Terminal 1 -Marked “FL-” trigger for the flashlight connect it to output in the alarm system, Active

while the input is low.

Terminal 2- Marked “Go+” trigger for the siren and the flashlight, Active while the input is high.

Terminal 3-Marked ‘‘GO-’’ trigger for the siren and flashlight, active while the input is low.

Terminal 4-Marked the “GND”connect to the ground of the control unit.

Terminal 5-Marked “+12 V”connect to a positive voltage output of the 13.6-14.2 VDC source

(usually from the alarm control unit).

Terminal 6&7-Marked “Temper” if a tamper function is required connect these terminals to

a 24-hour normally closed the protective zone in the control unit, if the front cover of the siren

is opened or siren box is tearing from the wall, an immediate alarm signal will be sent to the

control unit





Fundamental Frequency


Siren Tone


Frequency Range



Lamp J2VDC/5W

Power supply Voltage


Charge Current Limit


Current Consumption

Standby: 8mA

(Speaker and strobe)

Alarm 1600mA@13.8VDC

Maximum Power


Trigger Level

Trigger Low=Max .1VDC,

Trigger High=Min.9VDC

Siren Alarm Period

F.T-Follow trigger / TMR-3 min

Input Impedance(Alarm/Flash/Trigger)

IK ohm

Tamper Switch

N.C 28VDC Maximum current

O.lA-open when cover is removed

Backup Battery

Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery

12VDC up to 7.2Ah

Low Battery Level



External Box: ABS (3mm Thickness),

Internal cover: metal (0.8mm thickness)

Dimensions of Unit

L =270mm* W= 193mm*H= 100 mm

Weight(without battery)


Operating Temperature Range

-30 to +60 °C

Case Protection Level

Water splash resistant / Plastic ABS with UV

Protection/ Conformal coated circuit board





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