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5C-59W wireless magnetic contact for metal door

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5C-59W wireless magnetic contact for metal door

wireless magnetic contact, 433MHZ or 315MHZ

approved with CE,FCC,ROHS,CCC

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1.0 Specification

5C-59W wireless magnetic door contact,it has the functions of instantly detecting door or window open and close, tamper protection for shell and battery level real-time checking.

5C-59W can be also connected with our other sensors for your metal/wooden door or window. Detector needs to enroll its only address code to wireless host. Besides, it is a separate trigger detector, which means that it will send alarm signal to alarm host immediately to prevent the intrusion from door or window and automatic status report enhance its protection.

2.0  Data sheet ----------------------- 

Model: 5C-59W

Output: NC type.

Zinc case, grey color

Operation gap ≥40mm

For roller door or metal door

Emission Current: 13mA

Quiescent current ≤10ua

Emission Frequency: 315/433MHz (868/915 available on requested)

Wireless Transmitting Range: 120M open area

Working Environment temperature:-10℃~ +50℃

Wireless chip: EV1527(2262,1920 available on requested)

Alarm Output: alarm, low battery

Automatic status report

battery:Lithium battery CR-2450,

3V, 600mAH

Encoded mode:fixed code

3.0 Installation ------------------------

After installed batteries, surface mount switch at top or side (NOT on hinge side) of door or hinged window frame. On double hung window, surface mount the switch at top, side or bottom of window frame. Surface mount the magnet parallel to the switch, the spacing of these two components as close as possible.Distance:3mm≤d≤30mm. (Magnetic components is best to use screws. Screw holes in the rear panel, the required hard sharp object poke open)
After installing the best antenna all the way out, and then open the windows and doors are monitored, the Magnetic Red "work instructions" light, while the host and the handset will sound an alarm and instructions, such as the red light does not shine on the door sensor or host and the handset does not alarm check green "low voltage directive" lamp is lit, such as light, replace the battery, or contact your supplier. NOT intended for Steel doors or steel windows.

Inner packing: 1pcs/box

Carton: 200 pcs/carton

Carton size: 38*30*30CM

G.W.: 24.00KGS




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