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Magnetic proximity switches, as displacement sensors, are widely used in automation control, security, automatic switching of equipment and other fields, and can be switched on or off according to the displacement of the equipment, outputting switching signals. Surface-mounted switches can be fixed on the surface of the equipment with screws or double-sided tape; embedded switches need to be drilled and concealed according to the diameter of the switch, and keep the sensing surface outward. Switch form description: NO: Normally open, when the magnet is close, the switch is turned on NC: Normally closed, when the magnet is close to the switch, the switch will be disconnected (need to be customised). NO&NC: conversion type, 3 wires, both normally open and normally closed function (need to be customised) Note: Do not knock the switch during installation


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Model 5CPS-F0615
Installation: Embedded
sensitivity 07-10AT
Switch form NO (normally open).
Product material ABS
Operating temperature -20~80℃
Wire gauges 1007 24AWG
Cord length 300mm
Maximum switching voltage 200 VDC
Maximum switching current 0.5A
Switch life >100000 times


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