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5C-36D High Current Door Magnetic Switch

High Current Door Magnetic Switch is a sensor used in smart home system for automated light control, which consists of a magnetic switch and magnet. It is usually installed on the door or window, connected to 9-24V power supply and connected to the light, when the door or window is opened or closed, it achieves the function of automatically turning on or off the light.


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5C-36D High Current Door Magnetic Switch

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Switch form

 NO/Normally Open Type - The magnet leaves and the switch is on

(Commonly used for wardrobe door lights, door lights on)

Operating voltage

 9-24 V DC 

Action distance

 ≥20mm (non-interference test) 

Maximum current


Housing material


Maximum load



350mm 24AWG high temperature silicone wire

Operating temperature



White/brown (other colors can be customized)

Gross weight



10sets/bag, 600sets/carton (375*295*300mm)




Product Size:

Schematic diagram of wiring

Installation instructions

Concealed installation with a drill bit in the door (window) and the corresponding door (window) frame is not easy to contact the place to open Ø19 holes, the position of the two holes should be aligned in a straight line, and then the magnet part is installed on the movable (window) page, the switch part is installed on the fixed door (window) frame, and wired to the power supply and lamp with wires.
For the mount type, it can be installed directly with the screws.


Do not knock during installation to avoid damage to the internal dry yellow switch.


The high-current gate switch is only suitable for 9-24V power supply, if you are unsure of the installation environment, please contact us for technical support


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