Beijing Security Exhibition 2018

     Security China (hereinafter referred to as "Security Expo") is a technology-based exhibition approved by the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China and hosted and undertaken by the China Security Products Industry Association. Since its inception in 1994, the security fair is held every two years in Beijing, has been successfully held for 13 sessions, the total number of exhibitors exceeded 8,000, the number of professional visitors reached one million, is an all-round, multi-angle display of security industry development achievements, display new products in the field of security, new technology of science and technology industry expo, has become a high-end brand exhibition in China's security industry and one of the important international security expos with global influence.
The display is rich and colorful
The exhibition content of the expo involves video surveillance, entrance and exit control, video intercom, smart home, intrusion detection, alarm prevention, explosion detection, physical protection, security detection, perimeter prevention, security services, security system integration, intelligent transportation, police communication, wireless transmission, information security, artificial intelligence, drones and face recognition and other related technologies and products. The exhibition hall is divided into international pavilion, monitoring pavilion, intelligent building pavilion, entrance and exit control and alarm pavilion, intelligent transportation and comprehensive pavilion, and public security technology and defense comprehensive application hall according to professional divisions. Among them, the International Pavilion focuses on highlighting the advanced technology and core competitiveness of well-known enterprises in the industry, leading the development of the industry; The video surveillance hall shows the intelligent application of 4K ultra-high definition, super starlight, infrared thermal imaging and big data analysis technology in the field of video surveillance; In the intelligent building pavilion, various civilian products and technologies shine brightly; In the entrance and exit control and alarm hall, the subdivision of industry applications has led to the emergence of products with the deep integration and application of various technologies and security technologies, such as video fusion perimeter alarm, smart parking system and access control system integrating biometric identification technology, etc. Public security technology and defense comprehensive application hall, police products have become another highlight of the products of this year's security expo, set a variety of functions in one of the police law enforcement equipment, easy to carry, support the professional environment of police practice, improve the coordination of different police operations.
We are on site
Date: October 23-26, 2018
Location: No. 88, Yuxiang Road, Tianzhu District, Shunyi District, Beijing
Booth: W2Y07 (Wuzhou Electronics Co., Ltd.)
Everyone is welcome to visit us!

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