Proximity switch precautions?

Everyone has to help first of all in the use of any instrument before, we have to figure out what its precautions, right, in that case in the process of operation will make the operation more smooth some, then in this article, here we come to the detailed introduction of the proximity switch of the notes, come to follow the editorial together with a little bit of it. I hope to help you.


Proximity switches in general industrial production sites, usually use eddy current proximity switches and capacitive proximity switches. Because these two types of proximity switches have lower environmental requirements. When the measured object is a conductive object or an object that can be fixed on a metal object, eddy current proximity switches are commonly used because of their advantages of high response frequency, good resistance to environmental interference, wide range of application, and low price. These basic information can actually be seen on the Internet. As long as they meet these words will certainly still attract customers. There are more types of products here.


If the measured object is non-metal (or metal), liquid level height, powder height, plastic, tobacco, etc., capacitive proximity switch should be used. The response frequency of this switch is lower, but the stability is better. Proximity switches should be installed with the influence of environmental factors in mind. If the measured object is magnetic material or magnet buried in the measured object to distinguish the object moving with it, Hall proximity switch should be used. If you don't know you can come here first, click into the official website to see the basic information of the company.


In places with better environmental conditions and no dust pollution, photoelectric proximity switches can be used. The photoelectric proximity switch works with almost no effect on the measured object. Therefore, they are widely used in demanding fax machines for tobacco machinery. In the anti-theft system, automatic doors usually use pyroelectric proximity switches, ultrasonic proximity switches and microwave proximity switches. Sometimes, in order to improve the reliability of identification, the above several kinds of proximity switches are often used in combination. No matter which kind of proximity switch is selected, attention should be paid to the requirements of the working voltage, load current, response frequency, detection distance and other indicators.


At present, for the proximity switch in daily life in a wide range of applications and its increasingly better production technology, also makes us believe that there will be more and more manufacturers to join in, then we have to see more, more comparisons. Over the years, the company is committed to the expansion and development of domestic and foreign markets, the use of online Internet e-commerce platform and offline entity sales two ways to go hand in hand. Now also make their products throughout the country provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions, products not only sell well in the domestic market, in the official website above the way to contact, here there are online professional staff to receive you, do not understand the problem like they ask can be.




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